Math101 English

About Math101

The ability to master mathematics and solve mathematic problems is of great importance for the benefits of your mathematic courses and of a large number of other courses and project work that uses mathematic.

Math101 is an activity for those, who want to make an extra effort to get the basic mathematical skills in place, which i.a. the mathematic courses in the First Year of Study presuppose.

Course material and assingments

There are a total of nine courses, which takes place over week 42-46 two afternoons per week from 4:30 pm – 6 pm. 

Each course consists of two parts (with the exception of the last rehearsal):

  • A short presentation on today's topics (notes are available on Moodle)
  • Assignment with help from teacher / assistant teacher (assignments are available on Moodle)

Assignments are done in the lecture room (or the area in the immediate vicinity) in small groups formed on site.

The answers will be available subsequently.

Course material, assignments, and results

Course material and assignments can be found on the corresponding Moodle page. Answers will be available subsequently.

Course session


1 Fractions, powers, roots and squared sums
2 First and second order equations
3 Functions, composition of functions and first and second order polynomials
4 Inverse functions, logarithms, exponential functions and trigonometric functions
5 Derivatives for certain functions as well as sums and scalar multiplication
6 The product and quotient rules, the chain rule
7 Simple definite and indefinite integrals
8 Integration by parts and integration by substitution
9 Rehearsals 



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